Education Sessions, Personalized Meal Plans, and Nutrition Coaching

1-Hour Nutrition Consult

We will go over your current nutritional habits and body composition. Discussing your fitness and nutritional goals we will work together to map out a plan to reach your goals and most importantly maintain healthy habits.

  • Review your current Body Composition
  • Foundational Nutrition Knowledge
  • Grocery Shopping Basics
  • Best Sources of Protein, Carbs, and Fats
  • Supplementation
  • and Reaching your personal goals
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Personalized Meal Plan

The personalized meal plan will be tailored for your current lifestyle, fitness level, food allergies/intolerances, and your overall goals. You will be emailed the custom program in PDF format with all instructions for how to follow the meal plan including recipes, shopping lists and substitutions options.

  • 4-Week Rotating Menu
  • Recipes & Shopping List
  • Substitution Guide
  • Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition
  • Grocery Shopping on a Budget
  • The Best Supplements for your Goals
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Nutrition Coaching

This option can be combined with any of the above nutritional services or used on its own for asking questions and learning more about eating well and maintaining a healthy eating routine to work with your lifestyle.

  • Meal Prep Tips
  • Shopping on a Budget
  • What to Buy Organic
  • What to Buy In-Season
  • Nutrient Timing
  • New Recipe Ideas
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30 Days to Healthy Living

Learn the best way to Eat Clean, Safely Detoxify and Naturally Boost Your Energy!

The Next Group Starts Tuesday January 2nd Join to Eat Clean & Feel Awesome!

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Program Overview:

What is the 30-Day Nutrition Program?

This program is designed for healthy & sustainable weight loss, overall general health and detoxification, or athletes looking to better performance and even gain muscle.

  • 30-day mind and body "detox" and clean whole foods eating program
  • Post 30 day tools & knowledge to implement life long health goals
  • A rest for the liver and kidneys to maximize function
  • An elimination program to help to uncover food sensitivities

What it is Not:

  • A deprivation diet
  • A fast; a diet that feels temporary

Program Focuses on 5 Key Areas of Health:

  1. Eating Clean
  2. Increasing nutrient intake
  3. Eliminate allergenic and addictive foods and beverages
  4. Balance blood sugar
  5. Support Elimination Organs (with a 7-day Body Cleanse & Herbal Detox Tea)

*All five areas are supported by Arbonne’s whole food nutritional line that is certified vegan, free of gluten, dairy, soy, whey, artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners.

  • Average weight loss for Women 8-12 lbs (15+ in some cases)
  • Men 15-20 lbs in 30 days
  • You can expect to lose even more (i.e. 20+ lbs) with added physical activity.