Personal Training | Paired Training | Small Group Training (3-4 people)

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  • Monthly Package
  • $320
    per month starting
  • Starting at 2x/week Personal Training Sessions
  • Workout/Cardio Program for the Gym
  • Meal Plan with Supplement Recommendations
  • Baseline Body Composition Analysis
  • Weekly Goal Setting with Check-Ins
  • Bonus: Tote Bag
  • - - -
  • - - -
  • 6-Month Package
  • $450
    per month
  • 3x/week Personal Training Sessions
  • Workout/Cardio Programs for the Gym
  • New Meal Plans each month
  • Body Composition Basline & Tracking
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • FREE 6-Month Gym Membership
  • Bonuses: Tote Bag, Water Bottle, Shaker Cup, Supplement Samples
  • Extra: Professionally done Photoshoot!

Create Your Own Package

$40/30 min or $80/hour session (nutrition coaching & meal plan included with training)

You can add additional training sessions to any of the above packages to customize your own

PTK Success Story Weight Loss

PTK is all about designing fun and effective programming for your fitness and lifestyle goals... that means we care about YOUR specific needs.

The initial meeting allows 2 main things to happen...
1) You get to meet your trainer (we're friendly and not just a drill Sargent I swear) and
2) We can do an in-depth assessment to test your unique body mechanics, imbalances, previous/current injuries, and lifestyle, which allows us to program safe & effective workouts for your goals!

At PTK, we pride ourselves on personalizing safe & effective programs for all lifestyles in order to give you results that last. Our approach that has made our clients so successful with reaching their goals and living a healthier life is from the emphasis on nutrition.

Nutrition is a key component for sustained weight loss and just overall well-being and feeling awesome. We focus heavily on individualized nutrition programs that fit with your lifestyle and your goals.