Contact us for a free consult to find the best training option for you! :-)

PTK is all about designing fun and effective programming for your fitness and lifestyle goals... that means we care about YOUR specific needs.

The initial meeting allows 2 main things to happen...
1) You get to meet your trainer (we're friendly and not just a drill Sargent I swear) and
2) We can do an in-depth assessment to test your unique body mechanics, imbalances, previous/current injuries, and lifestyle, which allows us to program safe & effective workouts for your goals!

Do you have a weight loss goal? From 7+ years of experience, here is what we suggest:

★  12-Week Program (3 months) best for losing less than 20lbs

  24-Week Program (6 months) ideal for losing 25+lbs

  52-Week Program (12 months) ideal for losing 50+lbs


Nutrition is a key component for sustained weight loss and just overall well-being and feeling awesome. We focus heavily on individualized nutrition programs that fit with your lifestyle and your goals.

PTK Personal Trainer Sarah

3 Options for TrainingIn-Person or Go Mobile

You can choose any combination of training that works with your schedule, lifestyle, and overall fitness goals.

Personal Training

1-on-1 or Group training available in a semi-private gym. Opt for 30 or 60 min sessions based on your goals and schedule.

Online Training

Track your workouts, nutrition, body composition, and stay motivated to train with in-app messaging & weekly checkiins.

In-Person + Online

The best option for those people wanting in-person training plus their own workouts to workout at the gym or home.