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Our Coaching System

Specially designed for busy professionals who want to improve their health and fitness without spending countless hours in the gym and kitchen. We focus on efficiency, support and habit changes while using scientifically proven methodologies.

Our Philosophies in Training

We focus on building confidence, strength, and enabling people to feel in control of their own life. We combine functional training with strength conditioning so that you remain mobile, pain free, and strong.


  • 4-Week PT Kickstart
  • $360
    per month (training 2x/week)
  • • Lose up to 10 lbs. in 4 weeks
  • • Add additional sessions for $45/30-min
  • • Body Composition Analysis
  • *Bonus* Nutrition Targets for Calories & Protein
  • -
  • 6-Month Package
  • $320
    per month (training 2x/week)
  • • Ideal for those looking to lose 25-50 lbs.
  • • Add additional sessions for $40/30-min
  • • Body Composition Analysis
  • *Bonus* NutritionTargets for Calories & Protein
  • *Bonus* Free Peloton Bike Class Access

Share your time by training with a partner and you'll both receive 25% off a personal training package!

4-Week PT Kickstart

Dive into the world of personal training with an Introductory to Personal Training.

Try out our method of personal training before committing to something long-term. This package is ideal for self-directed people who feel overwhelmed trying to organize their fitness and health goals. Learn foundational training techniques and discuss which methods of training yield the best results. Develop an action plan to help you attain your goals.

Personal Training Female Client

3-Month Package

A longer commitment is where achieving your short-term goals can inspire real change.

You will get great results with a trainer and see what you're truly capable of achieving with clearly defined goals and a customized plan. Your trainer will provide you with support, education and accountability in order to be successful. This package is ideal for those looking to lose 10-25 LBS, increase strength 30-50%, and generally start feeling healthier, energized and stronger.

Sarah spotting client while squatting

6-Month Package

Training that's focused on your goals for 6 months or more can be absolutely transformational and create lasting healthy lifestyle habits.

You have big goals you want to accomplish and require ongoing motivation, support and accountability to hit your target. Your trainer will provide you with support, education and the accountability in order to be successful. This package is ideal for those looking to lose 25-50 LBS, increase strength 30-70% and begin to see drastic changes to your daily energy, mental stamina, confidence and overall strength.


Working with Kyle was awesome! He helped me build my strength and confidence back up after ACL surgery! He was very flexible, accommodating and personable. He pushed me hard and taught me new... things!! You can tell he truly cares about your success and growth! Definitely would recommend :) Thanks a ton Kyle!read more
Rachel Kailis
Rachel Kailis
23:04 11 Apr 22
Kyle’s a phenomenal, knowledgeable and friendly trainer! Every workout was tailored to my needs, pushing me to limits I did not know my body was capable of. By the end of my sessions, I was able to... develop a stronger mind-body connection and felt much more healthy (both mentally & physically!). I feel motivated to continue my journey to better health! Thanks a million Kyle !!!read more
Saad Sajid
Saad Sajid
22:15 21 Feb 22
Great place to workout, personal trainer Sarah Kiers is excellent, very knowledgeable would definitely recommend her as a trainer.
Sherri Mouland
Sherri Mouland
23:16 08 Sep 21
My pt, Kyle Leader had a very in depth knowledge of what I wanted out of our training as well as the proper dieting during our time training. Results have been very positive, in spite of covid 19... lockdown delays. Strongly recommended for any kind of physical more
Dawson Maloney
Dawson Maloney
15:47 25 Aug 21
Can’t speak highly enough! Amazing trainers, environment, and workouts. I love that they all keep it fun and motivating to workout, and the results are nothing short of phenomenal.
Cynthia Thomson
Cynthia Thomson
14:35 30 Jul 21



Hi there! I see you're still considering the program. That's great! Here at PTK, member success is our #1 priority. So if you try it, put in the effort and you don't see results, we'll refund you in full.* So, what are you waiting for?

To receive a refund, you must complete your 3-Month or 6-Month Package with the following conditions met:

  • Show up for at least 90% of the scheduled workouts with your trainer 
  • Accurately hit your assigned calorie and protein goals at least 80% of the time
  • Hit your weekly steps and cardio targets outlined from your trainer at least 80% of the time
  • Report any concerns with the program and/or your progress to our Customer Experience Manager by week 8